With Wield, you can easily capture all your outstanding work tasks and personal todos and prioritize them quickly among your Calendars and Reminders. Wield has just the right balance between cool features, organizational capabilites and advanced task targeting

In List View, you enter and edit your tasks, file them, filter them and organize them
In Files View, you can add files to help organize all your outstanding tasks
To help you get organized and prioritize, you can filter your items. This means that you can easily prioritize tasks in each file as well as across all other files' items
Finally, in Priority View, you can see your top tasks (or top files) and organize them among your Calendars and Reminders

Wield's powerful organizational structure and targeting methods keep you focused on the next tasks you want to get done. Wield allows ordering your items, deferring items, abeyancing items, filing items, filtering items, recovering items, and prioritizing your top items among your Calendars and Reminders. Plus you can track your completed tasks and download a status report

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